Dear Newcomers,

You probably found us either through our Facebook page, or you attended our presentation in Malibu. We thank you for your enthusiasm! The website is a little empty right now, but please stay tuned!

-Hannah and Ezra Costello

Welcome to SKY!

Specialized Kinesiology Youth was created with the intention of bringing more young people into the field of Specialized Kinesiology, as well as, perhaps more importantly, building support for the kids and teens already existing in this field. To do this, we have tried to create a knowledge base which anyone (even adults) can take advantage of and learn from, and a community of peers to help and encourage each other.

On this site you will find a directory of peers and mentors and a forum to communicate with them, a list of classes and their synopses, information about Specialized Kinesiology as a field (and how to work in it, as a youth), and references and links to other amazing resources, along with all sorts of other useful information.

We have learned a lot over many classes and questions and conversations about Specialized Kinesiology, but it’s so much easier when all the information is in one place, and even better when the information you are being told is actually relevant to you, personally. So, the field having been lacking in a resource like this, we decided to create SKY in the hopes of encouraging and inspiring and helping the other youth in this field.

The new generations of kids need Specialized Kinesiology just as much as the older generations who created it, so let’s help each other learn, and create for ourselves the opportunities we are looking for.

“Kinesiology is the study of movement, and most of the kinesiologists out there have gone to university to study muscles, how they work and how to train them in order to treat and avoid injury. Specialized (also called energetic) Kinesiology is a little different. Here, a muscle test is used as an indicator of what is happening on a deeper level in the body. We are still testing or monitoring muscles, but in a different way and with entirely different results.” -from What is Kinesiology?, by Alexis Costello

There are a lot of long, hard-to-spell, or simply annoyingly-prone-to-typos names in this field, and we, along with our friends in the forums, will be using all of them. From this point on, we will be mostly referring to Specialized Kinesiology as ‘SK’ and, so you don’t end up in that awkward situation where you have to ask about a term that everyone else seems to already know, here is a reference to all the common abbreviations. If you can’t find the term that is confusing you on this list, please do not feel ridiculous if you have to ask: we all know that the names are weird and some of them are not as common, so we will understand and someone will help you.

Look around, help someone out, and learn something new.

Hannah and Ezra Costello

17 year old twins Hannah and Ezra are co-founders of SKY originally from Canada and currently living and homeschooling in Costa Rica.