There are a lot of long, hard-to-spell, or simply annoyingly-prone-to-typos names in this field, and we, along with our friends in the forums, will use a lot of them. You do not have to memorize these, and you might never hear of some of them, but, so you don’t end up in that awkward situation where you have to ask about a term that everyone else seems to already know, here is an alphabetized list of terms and their meanings, as well as some resources where you can find more information about whatever-it-is:

AK – Applied KinesiologyThis is the more diagnostic form of kinesiology, created by George Goodheart, and requires professional postgraduate education. This site is specifically about SK, but it is important to understand the similar field of AK.

AKA – Australian Kinesiology Association

CanASK – Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology

ESR – Emotional Stress Release. 

GEMS – Goal, Element, Mode, Stack

KF – Kinesiology Federation

NL – Neurolymphatic. 

NOT – Neural Organizational Technique

NV – Neurovascular. 

RMT – Rhythmic Movement Technique

SIPS – Stress Indicator Point System

SK – Specialized Kinesiology. 

SKY – Specialized Kinesiology Youth

TFH – Touch for Health. 

TFHKA – Touch for Health Kinesiology Association

TFH TW – Touch for Health Training Workshop. 

IASK – International Association of Specialized Kinesiology. 

IKC – International Kinesiology College.