Specialized Kinesiology has a very specific vocabulary, mainly because we have a lot of long words for extremely specific things, shortened to weird acronyms. So on this page we will try to define as many of the acronyms and common phrases used in this field as we can. This list is by no means complete, but it will hopefully provide a bit of clarity in understanding the things written on this site, and a jumping-off point for further research.

We are working to update this list, so if you have an addition or edit you would like to suggest, please send it to ask.skyborg@gmail.com.

AHP – Accupressure Holding Points
AK – Applied Kinesiology.This is the more diagnostic form of kinesiology, created by George Goodheart, and requires professional postgraduate education. This site is specifically about SK, but it is important to understand the similar field of AK.
AKA – Australian Kinesiology AssociationThe SK association in Australia.
CanBeWell – Association of BioEnergetic WellnessThe SK association in Canada, previously known as CanASK (Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology).
Energy Kinesiology
ESR – Emotional Stress Release. ESR is a stress release technique used in TFH. To use ESR you touch the frontal eminences, on the forehead halfway between the eyebrows and hairline and hold for 30 seconds while thinking about the stress.
FacultyUnder the IKC, each region has a Faculty member who oversees TFH in their country/region. Faculty are one step above Trainers and are able to set guidelines around TFH and other IKC modalities for their region. It is important to know who your Faculty is.
GEMS – Goal, Element, Mode, StackA series of workshops created by Alexis Costello.
IASK – International Association of Specialized Kinesiology. 
IC – Indicator Change
IKC – International Kinesiology College. 
IM – Indicator Muscle
KF – Kinesiology FederationThe SK association in the UK.
NL – Neurolymphatic. NL points are reflexes located all over the body which stimulate the lymphatic system and are used to tonify an under-energy meridian in TFH.
NOT – Neural Organizational Technique
NV – Neurovascular. 
PL – Pause Lock
SIPS – Stress Indicator Point System
SK – Specialized Kinesiology. 
SKY – Specialized Kinesiology Youth
TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine
TFH – Touch for Health. 
TFHKA – Touch for Health Kinesiology Association
TFH TW – Touch for Health Training Workshop.